It’s not about ideas.
It’s about making
ideas happen

Never before was it so easy to create a product, but so hard create a succesfull company.

The digital age has brought a landscape of opportunities. A lot of new markets are waiting to be climbed. We have explored numerous markets ourself and can provide you with all the tools and expertise you need. An office, financing, expertise and experience. You will learn from seasoned entrepreneurs and get the support of industry experts.

Starting a company

on your own is making

it unneccesarly hard

for yourself.

Start with the

right partner and

accelerate your


Startup studio

Because creativity is only a small part of marketing. The go to market of your product is a complex adventure for every company, big or small. We have expertise, efficiency and experience.

  • We invent
  • > We build
  • > We scale

help you?

Cleverest is one of the leading business partners in Belgium thanks to our unique marketing expertise.

We have successfully accelerated a variety of businesses. Want to discover if we can accelerate your business to?
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Jureca, first aid with law

Jureca, first aid with law

Jureca is the brainchild of Cleverest and Pieter Jan Van Aken, a practicing lawyer in Belgium. A lot of lawyers are struggeling with attracting new clients. The current laws in Belgium forbid common advertising techniques and mediums. We had to be creative. A challenge we gladly accepted.

WING: Be nice, break the ice

WING: Be nice, break the ice

Driven by a need to learn more about the ever increasing mobile usage and potential we decided to launch an app to learn the market. To fully test and learn he needed an app that would appeal to a lot of people internationally. Even though the dating industry is highly competitive and almost fully saturated, Cleverest found a hole in the market.